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It is possible to transfer your drawings, digital compositions or ink drawings into classical intaglio technics by use of photosensitive materials. As you know, especially handwriting letters and text elements are difficult to create convincingly, because you have to draw the type or font mirror-inverted on your printing plate. The use of photo polymer products make it simple. It can be also the starting point for new experimental methods.
You can see in the image on the left the ink drawing on a film and on the right the finished etching. Every small individual detail has been transferred to the plate. An opaque drawing on a film or a digital computer print is necessary. So it is possible to make use of the various possibilities of computer graphics in Illustrator and Photoshop. You can also separate your image into different color plates. We offer you the opportunity to transfer your drawings to classical etchings using copper or zinc plates in different thicknesses.
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Printing Editions

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Our print workshop can produce high quality prints for you from your drypoint or intaglio printing plates, woodcuts and linocuts. We our electric 'Wenzel' press can print sizes up to 70 x 100 cm or we can print manually on a heavy copper plate press.The maximum size on this is 60 x 80 cm. It is also possible to make test prints on various types of paper in different colours to explore the many different effects of your graphics.

Creation of Stereotypes ("Nyloprint, Cliches")

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Nyloprint Stereotypes

The studio is equipped for the creation of photo-sensitive stereotypes ('Nyloprints'). It is possible to transfer your drawings and texts into letterpress and to create copies from the plates. In addition to that we create and print custom-made products such as invitation and greeting cards or other printed matter.


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Foto von einem Druckstock und Holzschnittwerkzeugen

In der Werkstatt können Sie auch an Lehrangeboten teilnehmen. Sie haben die Möglichkeit, sich der Kaltnadelradierung und dem Holzschnitt unter fachkundiger Anleitung anzunähern.